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Water Chemistry

A product that raises the sanitizer level in your spa (Much like chlorine). It is an essential part of water chemistry, and should be maintained at a constant level of 3-5 ppm (see test kits) Water that does not have the proper sanitizer level can greatly increase your chance of getting a severe skin rash (known as pseudomas). Bromine tends to be more popular in hot water applications than chlorine.

A stain and scale inhibitor that prevents calcium build-up on walls and in heating and plumbing equipment. Stain & Scale Control is a blend of organic polymers that is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-hazardous and can be used while you are in your spa. Especially effective in higher elevation type climates that tend to have a higher mineral content in the water. Stain & Scale Control interferes with the rate and the normal pattern of crystal growth, which appears as a white buildup on the edge of your spa. (Should not used at the same time as Water Clarifier)

A water clarifier that neutralizes dirt, removes oil film, soap, and all suspended particles for crystal clear water. Water Clarifier will change the negatively charged particles to positively charged particles, which in turn allows the particles to adhere together in a larger chain that is picked up by your filter. Water Clarifier should not be used in large quantities with systems that contain an Ozonator. Smaller quantities are acceptable and will not cause a scum line.

An anti-foaming agent developed solely for the purpose of suppressing the foaming action sometimes caused while using a spa. Anti-Foam puts a thin coating of silicone on the surface of the water thus causing a dramatic reduction in the foaming action caused from improperly balanced water.

Increases PH and Total Alkalinity. Also aids in reducing eye and skin irritation. It is very important to have the proper PH, if the PH is too low the water is corrosive and destroys metal parts and other components (heater elements, pump seals, etc.) in the spa. Incorrect PH and alkalinity can also sometimes lead to cloudy or “Green” water. The proper PH for water should be in the 7.2 – 7.6 range. The proper range for Total Alkalinity should be 80 – 120.

Decreases PH and Total Alkalinity. Also aids in reducing eye and skin irritation. If the PH is too high, the water tends to have a white build-up around the edge of spa. When using PH Down it is important to use it in very small doses, if the PH goes below the proper range you are at risk of damaging components in the spa.

There are primarily two types of test kits on the market today, test strips and the older style “2-1” The more popular of the two being the test strips. Simply dip the strip in the water and compare to a color chart found on the bottle. Accurately tests for sanitizer level (Bromine or Chlorine), PH, and Total Alkalinity. More advanced testing kits are available if needed. (See chart for details)

An essential part of maintenance on any spa. Most manufactures recommend a chemical cleaning every 2-4 months, depending on use. Filter cleaning removes body oils, soap, and dirt from the filtration media on any cartridge based filter. If you notice a change in water clarity, it is more than likely time to clean your filter. Usually takes 6 hours to complete or simply “Overnight”.

An enzyme cleaner the that aids in the reduction of a noticeable scum line on any spa. The natural enzyme action actually “Digests” or “Breaks down” the body oils, lotions, and other organic material found in water. Enzyme Cleaner actually reduces maintenance on the surface, tile, and the filter.

A shock treatment that clears cloudy water and helps eliminate odors and other contaminants sometimes found in water. Spa Shock is designed to work in conjunction with Bromine or Chlorine. It is recommended that your water be shocked at least once per week.

Ozone is an effective sanitizer, however, it breaks down quickly. One of the largest misunderstandings in the spa industry is that Ozone is a stand alone system. It clearly is not. Ozone has many benefits: It is automatic, can reduce chemical usage by as much as 50 – 60%, eliminates odors and contaminants, kills bacteria and viruses, and prolongs the life of water, slowing down the need for water changes. It is also PH neutral and has no toxic by-products. Ozone does require a backup residual sanitizer (Bromine or Chlorine). Ozone is produced by a special unit called an Ozonator. It can be installed in almost any spa. (Contact your dealer for specific details)