Bob's Intowne Spas

Maintenance Tips

Always check to see if your filters are dirty. It is recommended that you replace your filters once a year, and be sure to clean them once a month with Leisure Time Filter Clean solution. An easy way to see if your filters are the issue is to turn the power off to your spa, remove your filters, and then turn the power back on. If at that time you find that the spa is now heating, you’ll know for sure that your filters need replaced.

If you experience this, be sure to use a small amount of Leisure Time Foam Down for a temporary solution. Foam is caused by many things that are introduced into the water itself, and turning on the jets will agitate whatever that may be, in turn causing more foam. A few tips to eliminate foam, would be to shower before entering your spa. If you or any of your guests have lotion, make up, hair products, etc. on while using the spa, this will cause foaming. Also, be sure to always rinse out your bathing suits before using your spa. The detergents in common laundry soap will also cause foaming.

If for any reason you experience cloudiness in your water, use 2 ounces of Leisure Time Bright and Clear. Cloudiness of the water is very common, and can easily be remedied by using the clarifier on a bi-weekly basis.

The spa should be drained once a year, as long as the spa is equipped with an ozone system. If your spa is not equipped with an ozone system, it should then be drained every three months. The draining process is very easy to do by simply locating the drain which is typically located at the base of one of the four corners of your spa. It can easily be equipped with a garden hose, if you would need to avoid disturbing any close lying vegetation.