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Hot Tub FAQs

The entire spa line is suited for an indoor or outdoor setting. Before determining your location, consult the owner’s manual that was provided with your spa.

The water chemistry needs for a spa are similar to that of a swimming pool. Your pH and alkalinity levels remain the same, but your sanitizer level (bromine or chlorine) should be kept between three to five parts per million (ppm). Your filter and water care will also be more frequent in your spa. Consult your spa owner’s manual for details.

Yes. Low calcium hardness can be corrosive to the metal parts of your spa.

Both chlorine and bromine products will effectively sanitize your spa water. However, bromine tends to be the most popular choice for spa sanitization because it is more effective over a wider pH range and doesn’t carry a strong chlorine scent. Consult with your spa professional dealer for additional help in making this decision.

Your spa is constructed of very durable materials. In most cases, water is sufficient to remove any buildup of debris. If more care is needed, consult with your spa authorized dealer or your owner’s manual.

It’s a good idea to drain your spa every three months, depending on use. For a step-by-step checklist on how to drain your spa, consult the Spa Care Guide section on this Web site.

Your official spa dealer can provide you with the necessary information for replacement orders. To find the nearest dealer to you, use the dealer locator at the bottom of the page.